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The demand for senior housing in the Netherlands is enormous

A few years ago, the Dutch government decided to change from a “care society”into “participation society”because it was no longer financially feasible for the government to pay all related care and housing for seniors. It now stimulates elderly people to stay in their homes as long as possible. Nursing and care homes must close. Today, 18% of the population is 65 years or older. In 2040 about 26 percent of the Dutch population will be over 65. According to the national innovation program, De Bouwagenda, there is a current shortage of 86,000 homes for the elderly. This shortage will only increase further in the coming years.


The elderly wait for their dream home

At the same time, older people are critical when it comes to their next home. They are looking for a home that is comfortable, prepared for the future and is not located in a traditional elderly complex. They would like to live with like-minded people and the important facilities should be within walking distance of their home. These houses are scarce to non-existing in the Netherlands.


Major mismatch between supply and demand

The demand is enormous and the offer is not there. That is why Groupius Wonen develops future-proof homes. Our homes are not visibly prepared for the future of the occupant. These perfectly finished houses in no way resemble traditional senior housing. In fact, inside and outside they feel like stylish homes. And at the same time they are provided with all innovative solutions, so that the resident never has to move again.


What makes Groupius Wonen’s concept unique?


1. Good locations.

Groupius Wonen wants to realize housing at carefully chosen locations through the country. If care, shops and entertainment can’t be found directly in the vicinity, the design of our homes and the building as a whole make it possible to get this ‘in house’.

2. Innovative solutions.

Groupius Wonen means living comfortably and safely. With an app, convenience such as food, transport and care is literally within reach. The most modern systems and ensure optimum safety in and around the house.

3. Sharing communal facilities.

The residents who opt for Groupius Wonen enjoy life to the full. They enjoy their life to the maximum, but have the desire to live smaller. By developing joint facilities, we offer our residents the opportunity to continue to practice their hobbies, avoid loneliness and make up for the squared meters they miss compared to their former home. Our living solution, for example, can offer a joint studio, a workspace, a vegetable garden or a room where guests can stay overnight. Everything has been thought of.

4. Integral development.

We approach the development of a complex as broad as possible. In addition to the architectural and formal issues, we also try to include more aspects that will have added value for residents and local residents. Before the start of construction, consultation takes place with future residents about expectations and wishes that could possibly be included. Groupius Wonen invests in online communities per development location to get in touch with the target group at an early stage. For example, we now have a sharp picture of the exact living requirements of more than 2,000 elderly people.

5. Lasting involvement.

If the building is fully operational, Groupius Wonen manages the building, directs the concierge, through our call center we assist residents and support collective initiatives within the complex. We stimulate initiatives of residents and support them to bring their ideas to completion.


Cooperate with Groupius Wonen?

Do you want to know where the investment opportunities lie in the Dutch senior real estate market? Or are you curious about the possibilities to collaborate with Groupius Wonen in another way?


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